1. Do not ask for personal information, such as real names, email or physical address, and phone numbers.
  2. Do not ask for credits, gifts, or any form of financial assistance.
  3. Do not post links to web cam video sites or ask to go cam2cam.
  4. Do not post links for any adult website.
  5. Do not attempt to advertise or solicit in any form.
  6. Do not ask to cyber or have sex.
  7. Do not ask for nude images.
  8. Don't post nude images.
  9. Do not disrespect other people on my site.
  10. Any messages containing insults, name-calling, sexist or racial slurs will be reported immediately.
  11. Above all, my site is not a dating site.

List may be updated at any time. Check back regularly as I will not show leniency for ignorance and lazyness.

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