Ankylo Zord Hammer Punch!
Hammerpunch - tyler
Armor X Ready!
Armorxready - tyler
Dino Armor X Charger, Ready!
Armorxcharger - tyler
Dino Charger Ready! Weapons Combine!
Weaponscombine - tyler
Dino Drive Activate!
Dinodrive - tyler
Dino Gas Charger, ready. ~fart SFX~
Dinogas - tyler
Dino Morpher Blast! Final Strike!
Finalstrike - red
Dino Saber!
Dinosaber - red
Dino Saber, Dino Charger Morpher, Combine! Final Strike!
Sabermorpherfinal - tyler
Dino Saber, Power Slash!
Saberslash - red
Dino Spike! Final Strike!
Dinospike - tyler
Dino Steel! Armor On!
Dinosteel2 - tyler
Dino Super Drive, Activate!
Superdrive - tyler
Dino Super Drive Saber!
Superdrivesaber - tyler
Dino Super Drive Saber, Activate!
Superdrivesaberactivate - tyler
Double Blast!
Doubleblast - tyler
Energize! Dino Steel, Armor On!
Dinosteel - tyler
Pachyzord Wrecking Ball!
Wreckingball - tyler
Para Chopper Blast!
Parachopper - tyler
Plesio Rocket Punch!
Rocketpunch - tyler
Power Slash!
Powerslash - red
Royal Dino Punch!
Royaldinopunch - tyler
Spiral Attack!
Spiralattack - tyler
Stego Zord Block!
Stegozordblock - tyler
Super Charge Morph Blast!
Superchargemorphblast - tyler
T-Rex Blast!
Trexblast - tyler
T-Rex Smasher, Para Chopper, Combine! T-Rex Chopper!
Trexchopper - tyler
T-Rex Smash!
Trexsmash - red
T-Rex Smasher!
Trexsmasher - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Blast!
Trexsuperchargeblast - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Blast, Final Strike!
Superchargeblastfinal - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Chomp!
Trexsuperchargechomp - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Kick!
Trexsuperchargekick - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster... Final Strike!
Trexsuperchargemorphblaster - tyler
T-Rex Super Charge Zord, Attack!
Trexsuperchargezordattack - tyler
Tricera Zord, Power Drill
Powerdrill - tyler
Weapons Combine!
Weaponscombine2 - tyler

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