I'll never let you steal Tamasaburo's heart you fiend. I'm an apprentice Sailor Scout. I stand for justice. I stand for love.
This bazaar is to help a dream come true for the children. You should be ashamed.
I'll tell Darien you pigged out on all those cupcakes all by yourself.
I stand for love, justice, truth and friendship that is genuine. I'm Sailor Mini Moon and in the name of the future moon, I shall punish you! So look out.
How dare you play on the feelings of a girl with a problem. Your good looks don't mean diddly. If you don't treat girls with real, true kindness and also respect. I'm Sailor Mini Moon and in the name of the future moon, I shall punish you!
Hiroshi's a good person, full of beautiful dreams. Don't you dare take them away from him.
And you make a fool out of a girl who wants to be a grownup.
Little children are filled with hopes and dreams.
You made an innocent girl trust you and believe in you. She gave you her love and you broke her heart. How dare you shatter her dreams. You have no right to treat an innocent girl like that.
And only to have her kindness returned with evil.
You can't put an end to her lovely dreams just because they're not what you want them to be, and she hasn't even found her true love yet. There's no way we're letting her miss out.
And worst of all, you endangered the life of my friend, Masanori. We don't tolerate your kind.
Let's just say I'm not a fan. I'm here to help my fellow scouts who totally had a meltdown in the stick together department.
I am Mini Moon, champion of justice and togetherness. I am the future, but I fight evil here and now and that would be you.
I'll punish you in the name of the moon of the future.
You're a pal, now do your thing, Moon Mama!
These people are my precious friends. I'll never let you take their pure hearts. I'll stand for love and justice too and I'll stomp all over you, so think of me as your nightmare-in-pink you pasty has been. I'm Sailor Mini Moon and in name of the future moon, I shall punish you!
I'm Mini Moon and I'll punish you too, so take that paint by number face.
If you take our pure hearts, you destroy this Earth's power to heal. You deserve the pretty sailor soldiers of love and justice. I'm Sailor Mini Moon and I'll shall punish you in the name of the future moon.
You want to take away something precious and priceless.
Rain or shine. I'm happiest when I'm with Tuxedo Mask. He makes me sing. He makes me laugh. I just love Tuxedo Mask.
Sure, but your too fat, Sailor Goofball.
Hi everybody. I'm Reeni, also known as Sailor Mini Moon. I've come back to the world of the 21st century to study and train among the other Sailor Scouts. I'll hope you're all gonna give me a hand while I'm here.
How dare you snare our city's dreams with your evil spider's thread. It's time to stop.
Luna Ball, what's with the wimp talk. Work your magic on Sailor Moon.

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