At this time, no user's have submitted their rooms for consideration on posting here.

Please feel free to post your room here. Account with Wikia required.

All postings will be reviewed by me and deleted or partially edited for things I don't approve of.

Things I will not allow to be posted: Prostitution, Theft, Sex, Nudity, Drugs, Smoking, and anything else illegal (by United States standards, which is where I live) or not allowed by GA (General Audiences) standards on IMVU.

Personally, I don't care if anyone has a problem wtih the above restrictions. So bringing complaints about the above restrictions to me aren't going to help you, so why bother? I am running a clean site and I will do what I must to ensure that. As far as I know, Wikia does not have options to age restrict certain pages, and until I find out if they do or don't, I won't allow anything that is age-restricted.


Public Rooms

Hero Retreat - Tifa's 7th Heaven
Lantian City - Atlantis - Pokémon Beach Sanctuary
Other Users
No public rooms posted

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