Stargate Atlantis, Control Room w/ view of full city and ocean.
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  • Room is based on the TV series, Stargate Atlantis. In this TV series, the city of Atlantis is a technological wonder created by other humanoids.
  • Before you ask, Mermaids or similar aquatic creatures never made an appearance in this TV series.
  • As well, there are no ties to the Little Mermaid, where the underwater city was called Atlantica, not Atlantis.
  • And this version of Atlantis has no ties in anyway to the Atlantis of Aquaman in DC Comics.

  1. No solicitation.
  2. Respect all visitors
  3. Respect moderators.
  4. No fighting.
  5. No attacking.
  6. No advertising (unless the information was asked for)
  7. Not a pick-up joint. No hunting for relationships/dating.






Season 5
Stargate Atlantis theme



Atlantis IMVU
Atlantis Portal

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