DP063 - Hot Springing a Leak!
Swinub, the Pig Pokémon. Swinub love mushrooms that grow under the dead grass, searching for them by smell and often discovering hot springs in the process.
220 Swinub DP063
EP188 - Spring Fever
Swinub, the Pig Pokémon. The Swinub has an extremely keen sense of smell, which it usually uses to find food.
220 Swinub EP188


DP104 - Sleepless in Pre-Battle!
Piloswine, the Swine Pokémon and the evolved form of Swinub. Piloswine's entire body is covered with fur, which makes it hard to see, so it uses its nose to sense its environment instead.
221 Piloswine DP104

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