DP047 - Sandshrew's Locker
Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandshrew hates moisture and lives in holes it digs in dry places. It protects itself by curling into a ball.
027 Sandshrew DP047


DP008 - Gymbaliar
Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. When it runs at full speed, it sends up a thick cloud of sand in order to hide itself.
028 Sandslash DP008
EP071 - To Master the Onixpected
Sandslash, the Mouse Pokémon. The evolved form of Sandshrew. It attacks opponents with the quills on its back.
028 Sandslash EP071


EP031 - Dig Those Diglett!
Diglett. The movement of these Ground Pokémon can be easily detected by their tracks of upturned earth.
050 Diglett EP031
EP114 - The Underground Round-Up!
Diglett, the Mole Pokémon. Diglett love to create underground tunnels.
050 Diglett EP114


EP031 - Dig Those Diglett!
Dugtrio, the evolved form of Diglett. No specific information available.
051 Dugtrio EP031
EP114 - The Underground Round-Up
Dugtrio. Formed when three Diglett combine. This Pokémon is able to tunnel deep beneath the earth's surface.
051 Dugtrio EP114


PK01 - Pikachu's Vacation
A Ground-type Pokémon, Cubone
104 Cubone PK01a
Cubone has earned its classification as the Lonely Pokémon from its usual attitude of caring only for itself.
104 Cubone PK01b


EP073 - Bad to the Bone
Marowak, a Bone Keeper Pokémon. Despite its small size, its offensive and defensive strength is impressive.
105 Marowak EP073


EP230 - Hatching a Plan
Phanpy, the Long Nose Pokémon. Phanpy uses its powerful snout to express affection. Not realizing its strength can send you flying.
231 Phanpy EP230


AG114 - Date Expectations
Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. Donphan is the evolved form of Phanpy. They attack by rolling their bodies into a circle and charging their enemies.
232 Donphan AG114
AG154 - Reversing the Charges
Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. Donphan has razor sharp tusks, armor-like skin, and enormous power.
232 Donphan AG154
EP120 - Roll On, Pokémon
Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. With its strong tusks and tough skin, Donphan is known for its powerful Tackle attack. The length of Donphan's tusks indicates its level.
232 Donphan EP120

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