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AG076 - Me, Myself and Time
Baltoy, the Clay Doll Pokémon. Baltoy moves about while spinning like a top. It is said that Baltoy coexisted with humans in ancient times.
343 Baltoy AG076
DP181 - Bucking the Treasure Trend
Baltoy, the Clay Doll Pokémon. A rarely seen Pokémon, Baltoy is said to have been discovered in an ancient ruin.
343 Baltoy DP181


AG104 - Claydol, Big and Tall
Claydol, the Clay Doll Pokémon. Claydol is the evolved form of Baltoy. These ancient Pokémon are said to have come alive when a mysterious light instilled life into clay creatures created in ancient times. Claydol can fly and are able to fire beams from both arms.
344 Claydol AG104
DP181 - Bucking the Treasure Trend
Claydol, the Clay Doll Pokémon, and the evolved form of Baltoy. Claydol is said to have come to life when an ancient doll made from clay was exposed to mysterious light.
344 Claydol DP181

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