Lost at the Stamp Rally

The bridge has been repaired and you'll be able to cross it any time you like.
Bridgerepaired Ingo
Can't allow that.
Cantallow Ingo
Chandelure, All aboard.
Chandelure Ingo
Chandelure. Use Psychic!
Chandelurepsychic Ingo
Chandelure. Use Smog!
Chandeluresmog Ingo
Clever Ingo
When we discovered you all were in trouble.
Discoveredtrouble Ingo
We heard a rumor that you're all headed for the Driftveil City Gym soon.
Driftveilgym Ingo
Looks like we're coming to the end of the line.
Endline Ingo
Then I've got some good news.
Goodnews Ingo
I think we can let this slide.
Letslide Ingo
It's like Pansage is in charge of the connecting lines while Tepig is driving into the heart of the city.
Pansagetepig Ingo
Once again, you lent a hand to a valuable subway rider.
Subwayrider Ingo
Since both of us are already here. How about a Subway Bosses tag battle?
Tagbattle Ingo
We had to take action.
Takeaction Ingo
Is that correct?
Thatcorrect Ingo
Use Will-o-Wisp on Pansage!
Willowisp Ingo





Ingo (Subway Boss) BW051

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