Ankylo Zord, Hammer Punch!
Hammerpunch - team5
Ankylo Zord, Final... Hammer Punch!
Finalhammer - team5
Ankylo Zord, Final Hammer Punch!
Finalhammer - primary team
Dino Charger, Ready!
Dinocharger - chase, primary
Dino Drive Activate!
Dinodrive - team5
Dino Morpher Blast!
Morpherblast - primary
Dino Pierce, Double Blast!
Dinodouble - primary
Dino Steel, Armor On!
Dinosteel - five
Dino Steel, Armor On!
Dinosteel - primary team
Ranger launch!
Rangerlaunch - primary team
Red Ranger Launch!
Rangerlaunch - primary
Stego Punch!
Stegopunch - team5
Stego Saber!
Stegosaber - all
Stego Saber, Activate!
Stegosaber - primary team
Stego Saber, Final Slash!
Stegosaberfinal - primary team
Stego Zord! Final Slash!
Finalslash - all
T-Rex Super Charge, Victory Final Strike.
Victoryfinalstrike - primary
Unleash the power!
Unleashthepower - primary
Wrecking Ball, Final Strike!
Wreckingballfinal - primary

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