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One hour, seventeen minutes sir.
1hr17mins - data
Then, perhaps there is a way I can access the machine Doctor.
Accessmachine - data
Admiral Hanson on subspace Captain.
Admhanson - data
Aye Captain.
Ayecpt - data
I would hypothesized that these frequencies form the basis of the Borg's collective consciousness.
Collectivefrequencies - data
I cannon penetrate the Borg power sub-commands structure sir. All critical sub-commands are protected Captain.
Criticalsubcommands - data
Borg technology has given each member of their society the ability to interface and function collectively. It is likely they have constructed their ships with the same philosophy.
Borgtech - data
I will buy another card Counselor.
Buycard - data
We were unable to retrieve him sir. The Captain has been altered by the Borg.
Cptborg - data
Counselor. Hopefully you will be able to determine whether I am reaching Captain Picard.
Cptpicard - data
I am unable to penetrate the defense system's command structure Captain.
Commandstructure - data
It could indicate the course of the Borg ship sir.
Borgcourse - data
Yes Doctor, but if I may make a supposition. I do not believe his message was intended to express fatigue, but to suggest a course of action.
Courseofaction - data
Doctor Crusher and I have been working on an interesting premise.
Drcrusher - data
Still no damage to the Borg vessel sir.
Borgvessel - data
Data to Bridge, stand by.
Standby - data
Proceeding immediately sir. Data out.
Dataout - data
Attempting to reroute sub-command paths Captain. Defense systems are protected by access barriers.
Defensesystems - data
Uncertain Commander, but the dimensions are precisely the same.
Samedimensions - data
Distribution nodes.
Distribnodes - data
Early bird? I believe Commander Shelby erred. There is no evidence of avifaunal or crawling vermicular lifeforms on Jouret Four.
Birdworm - data
Eleven dead. Eight more unaccounted for Captain.
11dead - data
The shuttle escape transporter should provide enough power to beam us on the Borg ship from here sir.
Escapetransporter - data
We should also consider the advantages of further examination of the Borg and the vessel sir.
Furtherexam - data
Proceeding with final link.
Finallink - data
On our first encounter, the Borg virtually ignored us when we beamed aboard their vessel. Clearly they did not consider our being a threat.
Borgthreat - data
Initiating first neural link.
Firstlink - data
Holding sir.
Holdingsir - data
I do not know. I have never done this before.
Idk - data
Possibly, but as you may recall. On several occasions, we have witnessed the Borg removing key circuits from injured comrades. No doubt separating them from the group consciousness.
Keycomponents - data
Doctor, I suggest you closely observe Captain Picard's life signs. While, at each stage, Chief O'Brien monitors my positronic matrix activity.
Lifesignspositronic - data
I am attempting to penetrate the Borg regenerative sub-command path. It is a low priority system and may be accessible.
Lowpriority - data
Interesting metaphor Doctor. What is your idea?
Docmetaphor - data
Data to Riker. Message from Starfleet, Captain.
Msgstarfleet - data
Using multi-modal reflection sorting, I've been able to detect a complex series of subspace signals between Locutus and the Borg ship.
Subspacesignals - data
Negative sir.
Negative - data
Negative. The subspace signal configuration has unchanged. What is causing the increased neural activity is unclear.
Increasedactivity - data
First neural connection is confirmed. I cannot report any significant access to the Borg consciousness.
Neuralconnection - data
The neural link will be established in three stages.
Neurallink - data
I have been unable to create a neural path around the Borg implants sir. It is Captain Picard himself who has somehow managed to initiate contact.
Neuralpath - data
I am afraid that I cannot answer that Wesley, and as you are a newcomer to the game, may I say it is inappropriate for you to ask.
Newcomer - data
Not necessarily.
Notnecessarily - data
The initial cybernetic connection to Captain Picard's neural net pathways has been established. Mr. O'Brien is ready to process the Borg signal through the transport pattern buffer.
Borgsignal - data
Conceivably, the ship's power distribution nodes are vulnerable to those frequencies.
Distributionnodes - data
No active subspace fields. Negligible power readings.
Powerreadings - data
Acknowledged. Attempting new power sub-command path.
Powersubcommand - data
Those appear to be some kind of power wave guide conduits which allow them to work collectively as they perform ship functions.
Powerwave - data
At present speed, it will arrive in thirty-one hours, seven minutes.
Presentspeed - data.
We are now entering position. Radiation levels are rising.
Radiationlevels - data
That is a reasonable conclusion.
Conclusion - data
I successfully planted a command into the Borg collective consciousness. It misdirected them to believe it was time to regenerate. In effect, I put them all to sleep.
Timetoregenerate - data
Commander Riker may be bluffing Wesley.
Rikerbluffing - data
Robots, small enough to enter living cells.
Livingcells - data
Eighty-two percent dilithium hydroxyls. Magnesium. Cromium. It should provide an effect screen against their sensors.
Sensorscreen - data
Second neural connection is confirmed. I still cannot report any significant access.
Secondconnection - data
Shuttle launch sequence confirmed. Departing Enterprise in exactly three seconds.
Shuttlelaunch - data
Firing shuttle thrusters.
Shuttlethrusters - data
Stand by.
Standby2 - data
Stand by. Processing. Processing. Fascinating.
Processing - data
The Borg group consciousness is divided into sub-commands necessary to carry out all functions: defense, communication, navigation.
Subcommands - data
It is not just a matter of control Doctor. The signals are interactive across a subspace domain similar to that of a transporter beam.
Signalsinteractive - data
Sir, it is clear that the Borg are either unwilling or unable to terminate their subspace links.
Subspacelinks - data
Neural connections complete. I have access to the Borg subspace signals. Processing. Processing.
Accesssignals - data
The Borg are extremely computer dependent. A systems failure will destroy them.
Systemsfailure - data
That is correct sir.
Thatiscorrect - data
Thank you sir.
Tysir - data
Sir, what command shall I attempt to plant?
Whatcommand - data question
Starfleet reports that it has engaged the Borg at Wolf 359 sir.
Wolf359 - data
Yes sir.
Yessir - data

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