IMVU Product: Hoshi Sato Enterprise-17

Description Audio File

They're sending a transmission. Some kind of activation sequence.
Hoshi Activationsequence

I'm armed, remember?
Hoshi Armedremember

We've been boarded. Six biosigns. C-deck.
Hoshi Biosignscdeck

Well. It's right here if you change your mind.
Hoshi Changemind

They're cutting into the hull. E-deck, starboard forequarter.
Hoshi Cuttinghull

Mind if I feed your animals before I go?
Hoshi Feedanimals

They're hailing us. Audio only.
Hoshi Hailingaudio

I can't.
Hoshi Icant

Oh. It's Lieutenant Reed's idea. If you come near me, I'm supposed to shoot you.
Hoshi Ideashoot

You need to keep up your strength.
Hoshi Keepstrength

There's a lot of interference.
Hoshi Lotinterference

To any ship within range. We're under attack by an unknown species. Request immediate assistance.
Hoshi Requestassistance

You've looked after me more times than I can count. I want to return the favor.
Hoshi Returnfavor

Room service.
Hoshi Roomservice

Rootleaf lettuce for your slugs. Vulcan sandworms for the bat and angel hair pasta for the ship's physician.
Hoshi Slugsbatphysician

That's it sir.
Hoshi Thatsit

Does Starfleet know where the vessel is now?
Hoshi Wherevessel


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Hoshi Sato

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